At Bella Dentaire, we are committed to keeping your smile healthy. This means we will always try to save an ailing tooth whenever possible. However, in extremely rare cases, such as if a tooth is heavily decayed or damaged or if it’s an impacted wisdom tooth, a tooth may have to be extracted.

A wisdom tooth becomes impacted when it fails to erupt properly, such as growing into adjacent teeth or remaining underneath the gumline. This can cause inflammation, pain, discomfort, and even cysts to develop. To prevent such complications, we may recommend for the tooth to be removed.

Before removing any tooth, we will thoroughly examine your mouth and go over all of your options. If we recommend a tooth extraction, you will be given an anesthesia to ensure you remain completely comfortable. If you're experiencing severe pain or discomfort, contact our dental clinic in Vaudreuil today to set up an emergency appointment.